Frame Tents

This is a canopy supported by an aluminum frame that is self-supporting (also called Free Standing Tents). Another benefit to a frame-style tent is that there are no supporting center poles inside the tent, allowing for more use of space and no rope lines, so this style tent can be set up in a smaller area.


This is a canopy supported by poles and rope lines attached to stakes which are fastened into the grass, gravel, or asphalt. Can be staked into concrete with a "special" anchoring system . . . please call for pricing.


In order to get an idea of what size tent you will need for your event, use the following formula to figure the approximate square footage needed to have enough room for your guests.


  • Determine the style of tent you would like (Frame Tent or Stakedown)
  • Determine the number of guests attending your event.
  • Determine the style of tables you want (Round or Banquet) and use the following formula.


NOTE:  Our seating capacity (12 sq. feet per guest at banquet tables and 15 sq. feet per guest at round tables) is based on a comfortable seating experience.  In order to use a smaller tent with a closer seating experience, you can use 10 sq. feet per guest for banquet tables or 12 sq. feet per guest at round tables. 

  • Banquet tables require 12 sq. feet per guest. Round tables require 15 sq. feet per guest.
  • Multiply the number of total guests by the table square footage (i.e. 100 guests at round tables would be 100 x 15 sq. feet = 1,500 sq. feet)
  • Add square footage needs for the following: Buffet Lines are 100 sq. ft. per 8 ft. table. Dance Floor (20x20) is 400 sq. ft. DJ is approximately 100 sq. ft. Every additional item will require extra square footage.
  • Once you have calculated the square footage of guests and tables and extra items, estimate your total square footage (Line 2 + Line 3 = Total sq. footage).
  • Now, choose a tent size and multiply the length by the width. The total is the square footage of the tent. Try various tent sizes until you get the one that is the right square footage figured in line 4. Your total square footage most likely will not match the square footage of the tents. It is best to choose a tent dimension that provides more square footage to ensure adequate spacing for your event.


  • 350 guests, seated at banquet tables, 350 x 12 = 4200 sq. ft.
  • 20x20 Dance floor = 400 sq. ft.
  • 3 Buffet tables = 300 sq. ft.
  • 1 DJ = 100 sq. ft.
  • 2 Bars = 200 sq. ft.
  • 16x16 Stage = 256 sq. ft.

Total Square Footage = 5,306 sq. ft.
Appropriate Tent Sizes: 40x40 = 5,600 sq. ft. or 60x100 = 6,000 sq. ft.