We are now offering State-Of-The-Art in-house tent maintenance services. Request a quote today to get access to our life-extending year-round Vinyl cleaning and repair services.


We are committed to superior service and competitive repair pricing for all grommet repairs, vinyl repairs due to wear and tear as well as webbing repairs. We also offer sidewall repair or replacement. Our repairs are done on our industrial sewing machine and our microwave bar vinyl welder. No glue is used on our repairs!


With our cleaning services, we can remove any grime, ensuring your tents look their best for your next customer. With a combination of industry-standard non-abrasive chemicals and our commercial washer, we can fight even the toughest dirt on any size or style of vinyl. We treat your tents and sidewalls like they are our own, so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality of care.


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