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Stakedown Tents

Our Stakedown Tents are supported by poles and rope lines attached to stakes which are fastened into the grass, gravel, or asphalt.  We can not use stake down tents on concrete.  Concrete installations require a Frame Tent.  Please note that with stake-down tents, the rope lines come out an additional 6' on all sides, making the required area for the tent larger than the tent itself.  For example, a 20' x 40' stake-down tent needs 32' x 52' for the tent and stakes. 

These tents use traditional sidewalls.  You can not put tracking walls on these tents.  

20' Wide Stakedowns Tents 30' Wide Stakedowns Tents 40' Wide Stakedowns Tents 60' Wide Stakedowns Tents Side Wall

  SKU Product Price
AC12121SD 12X12 S.D. White $180.00
AC15154SD 15X15 S.D. Blue and White $180.00
AC15152SD 15X15 S.D. Red and White $180.00
AC15153SD 15X15 S.D. White $180.00
AC15151SD 15X15 S.D. Yellow and White $180.00
AC15303SD 15X30 S.D. Blue and White $255.00
AC15301SD 15X30 S.D. Red and White $255.00
AC15302SD 15X30 S.D. Yellow and White $255.00

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