1. 50% deposit due upon order and remaining balance is due at time of delivery

2. Cancellation of rental 30 days or less prior to set up, deposit is forfeited. 

3. If governmental permits are required for the erection of tents, the renter shall procure same at his expense and furnish S&R Event Rental/Ace Canvas evidence of insurance of same. City permits for public functions is renters responsibility.

4.  Renter agrees to have premises upon which tents are to be erected cleared of all structures or impediments before erection and also cleared within 12 hours after end of event. S&R Event Rental/Ace Canvas will not be responsible for structure or impediments left in, under or about the tents at the time of dismantling. Customer takes full responsibility for any structural alterations after installation.

5.   It is agreed that the renter will employ, if necessary, a competent watchman on the aforesaid premises to prevent fire, theft, or other depredations to said property from the first day of erection up to and including the last day of equipment removal.

6.   It is understood that vandalism and theft of and damage to rental property is the responsibility of the customer while in his possession.

7.  Renter shall be responsible for all damage done to blacktop and cement in erection and dismantling of tents. Arrangements can be made for repairs to "asphalt" for an extra charge. 

8.  Renter agrees to release and hold harmless S&R Event Rental/Ace Canvas for any and all injuries or damages caused to any persons, property, materials, stock or other things including attorney fees and other costs that may be incurred.

9.  S&R Event Rental/Ace Canvas shall not be liable for injuries or damages caused by fire from any cause, rain, hail, sleet, snow, storm, high winds, tornadoes, floods, or other disturbances of nature or by tent falling by reason thereof, to any persons, materials or exhibits while under, near or about the above described property. 

10.   Renter agrees to release and hold harmless S&R Event Rental/Ace Canvas for damages caused to persons or things falling over or coming in contact with ropes, stakes, or other supports of the rental property, including attorney fees and other costs that may be incurred. 

11.   Full or partial destruction to the above described property due solely to the negligence of the renter, his agents or employees, shall cause said renter to become liable for the damages suffered. 

12.   S&R Event Rental/Ace Canvas is not responsible for hidden structures, gas lines, sprinkling systems, etc., area of structures must be clearly marked and/or diagram provided.