3 Door Executive Rest Room

4  Door Executive Rest Room

Interior - Women's 3-door

Interior - Men's 3-door


We offer 3 Door and 4 Door Executive Restrooms for your special events. Features three or four fully self-contained units. Each station offers complete privacy. Pricing includes a clean unit with a full water tank, completely pumped out and stocked for your event. Necessary power requirements are either a general 110 volt house power or a mounted generator.

DAILY RENTALS INCLUDE: One Pump and One Tank of water. 

Daily rentals do not include:  Delivery/Pick-up/Set Relocation; cleaning; generator; additional pumping or necessary water.

WEEKLY/MONTHLY RENTALS: Will require additional pumping, cleanings and water fills based on usage. If alcohol is being served at your event, please note that your flush capacity will increase by 1/3.

Three Door (1 male/2 female)

Four Door (2 unisex/1 male/1 female)

Additional Charges


Set Relocation


Fresh Water 100 gal -average

Cleaning - recommended daily